Neighbourhood Support Hamilton

Why join Neighbourhood Support?

· MEMBERSHIP IS FREE and we are a New Zealand not-for-profit community based organisation which will never use your membership information for commercial gain, advertising, revenue, business or tracking purposes. Our membership software is secure and never disclosed to any third party for any reason. You will never receive SPAM or advertising as a result of your Neighbourhood Support membership. Read our Privacy Policy.


· EVER BEEN BURGLED? DON’T WANT TO BE? Our primary purpose is to make our community a safer and more caring place to live. We work with the police and our partners to help prevent our members becoming victims of crime. Prevention is better than cure! Crime can’t survive in a community that cares.


· WANT TO DETER CRIMINALS AND DO EVERYTHING YOU CAN KEEP YOUR HOME SAFE? We proactively create a heightened awareness of suspicious activity in the community by providing regular and special Bulletins, advisories, free letterbox and window warning stickers and free Neighbourhood Support Group street warning signs. We provide up-to-date information on new SCAMS, phishing and other cyber-crime.


· GET TO KNOW WHO YOUR NEIGHBOURS ARE Be secure in the knowledge that someone in your Group will usually be available to help at any time for any reason.


· 24 HOUR PROTECTION FOR FREE Every house in a Neighbourhood Support Group can be protected by the rest of the Group whether the occupants are home or not.


· GOT PROBLEMS IN THE STREET? Community spirit is strengthened empowering members to act over local concerns such as street racers, graffiti or other forms of anti-social behaviour.


· DO YOU KNOW HOW TO CONTACT POLICE? CIVIL DEFENCE? Neighbourhood Support provides good up-to-date advice on the best channels of communication for police/Civil Defence, local authorities and other links.


· ARE YOU LIVING ALONE? ELDERLY? NEW ARRIVED IN HAMILTON? Join Neighbourhood Support and get to know who your neighbours are.


· KNOWLEDGE IS POWER! We keep our 10,000+ households informed of criminal activity, crime trends and persons wanted to arrest.


· WANT TO PROTECT YOUR PROPERTY AND FAMILY? Our website contains large amounts of information on home and personal security and contingency plans for emergencies as well as useful links to other agencies.


· BE VIGILANT! Burglars are opportunists. Be part of a Neighbourhood Support Group providing a dedicated, vigilant network protecting people and property from crime.


· NEED SOME SUPPORT? Through our website, network and bulletins we provide an informal support network for Group members.